properties of silver

It will be an article about the black part of jewelry.

I am often asked, "What is the black part?"

It's also silver.

It is made black by using the characteristics of silver.

Silver reacts with sulfur and sulfides.

It's called silver sulfide.

This silver sulfide film is made to make it black.

I think there is an image that silver will darken.

This is not caused by rust, but by reacting with sweat and sulfur in the air.

"Node" uses this feature.

By adding black, the three-dimensional effect and atmosphere increase, and the contrast with the mirror surface becomes beautiful.

In addition, as you use it, this sulfurized film is gradually removed and the silver shines.

It is an image that the atmosphere of silver changes and you can feel the time you put it on.

I think that you can enjoy the change of each person who wears it.

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