This is an article explaining how to wear bracelets.

Some people often wear bracelets by widening or narrowing the entrance.
However, if this is done, bracelets may break due to metal fatigue.

Similarly, rings with spaces in between can be damaged if they are opened and closed in the same way.

Please use the jewelry without moving the metal as much as possible.

In order to ensure long and damage-free use, we would like to explain how to wear bracelets.


① Lightly press the end of the bracelet against the inner center of the arm.


② Keeping the bracelet lightly pressed against the arm, rotate it so that the arm is placed inside.


③ The end of the arm goes into the bracelet.


④ Continue to turn the bracelet as you go.


⑤ The entire arm goes into the bracelet.

⑥ Bracelet is now on.

This way, the bracelet can be worn without damage.

Have a wonderful time with bracelets.

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