Rings size.

This article is about ring size.

Ring size is measured with a tool called a ring gauge.
Some people sometimes wrap a piece of string or paper around their finger to measure its length, but this is not an accurate measurement because the size of the rings can vary greatly, even by 1 mm.

There are different types of ring gauges, some with narrow widths and some with thick widths.


The width of a ring changes how it feels to wear. A wide ring feels tighter due to friction and pressure.

Therefore, if you are choosing a ring with a wide width and you are measuring with a narrow ring gauge, choose a ring that is a slightly size larger than the width of the ring to get the right fit.

A ring with a large space between the rings will fit a slightly smaller size because there will be less friction.

Ring gauges can be found on Amazon.com, so it may be useful to have one handy.

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